About Us

About Us

Professional Business Services

We are a team of business professionals and experts with a zest for helping small business owners compete and succeed in this digital age. We specialize in bookkeeping, taxes preparation, accounting, and digital marketing services such as website development, SEO, Social Media Management, etc.

We believe in the philosophy that we are not successful if you, our clients are not successful. We go hard for our clients and root for their success. Our core pillars are: 

Our Pillars of Operation

Everything We Do Stems
From Our Deepest Core Values

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Our word is our bond

We do what we say we will do.

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We put our customers first

We're successful when our clients succeed.

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We do the extra mile

Customer satisfaction is our end goal

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Result Oriented

We will focus on producing value above all else

our mission
our vision
our core values
our goal
about us

Our Mission

To relentlessly provide innovative business services and insightful education that gives medical entrepreneurs and other small business owners the leverage, time-freedom, confidence, and tools they need to grow their dream business and life.

We always aim to put our clients first in all we do so as to continuously help them outsmart the competition

We seek to consistently provide innovative services that helps entrepreneurs grow their business 

It’s our desire to continuously improve on our skills so as to provide excellent services to our clients.

Our Vision

At Servye, our vision is to be the top business services marketing place in America powered by technology, innovation, and the relentless expertise of the Servye team.

Continuously meet the needs of our clients with aim to see them excel in business and in life

Pursue and deliver excellence in all our services and products

Seek collaboration and strive to help business owners grow and stay compliant

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Our Core Values

At Servye, every breath, every step, and everything we do are governed by the following core and deepest values:

Do what we say we are going to do. Our word is our bond.

Unreasonably optimistic and always accountable

Solution focus, relentless, and innovative

Put our customers first and do all we can to continuously listen to their needs

Dream big and take consistent actions that aligns with our mission and vision.

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Our Big Audacious Goal

At Servye, our goal is to serve 1000 recurring clients each month by 2030 and help them grow their businesses and reduce their taxes.

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